Found this amazing dress in Paris. Did a little modifications to it with my seeing machine, and voila!

The necklace is just a cheap one bought many years ago at Cubus. 

And let’s not forget the shoes.

Merry Christmas!


Home for the holidays, and I had this old painting I did when I was a kid. I hated it. Bought some paint today and decided to just paint over it.

Art is my weapon.

Not sure if I’m gonna do more on it. Maybe one day. Not often I do abstract work, but fun to play around with different techniques!


My last day in Paris, and I had to see the old city of Montmartre. My mom told me that I should check out the amazing Sacré-Coeur. It was drawn by the arcitecht Paul Abadie in roman style.

300 steps up in the dome was totally worth it to get this view!

Had an hour of sunlight, and got to check out the amazing architecture on a close level.


And the darkness came.

Even the light showed itself…

And this little guy followed me around.

After seeing the church I started walking down to see the old cemetary of Montmartre.

A little snack on the go…

Empty graveyard. So many beautiful graves and ornaments.

Crosses in gothic style.

Ten minutes walk to the downtown, just because I had to stand outside Moulin Rouge to take a picture.

Paris, I will be back. I felt in love with you. Met so many nice people. So many beautiful places.

Au revoir!!!!



Paris has been on top of my list for a while now. And of course I had to take some tourist pictures of the famous tower.

The Eiffel tower in the back
had a little snack break in the park
high contrast
what a view!
if the christmas spirit wasn’t there before I arrived, it is now!

If anyone wonder how I  take all these pictures, it’s with the Olympus Pen. Best travelling buddy I have ever had!


Most if the people who knows me knows that I have this obsession with churches, temples and cathedrals. I collect crosses and pictures of saints and holy statues. Visiting Notre Dame was by far one of my big wishes.

Beeing inside was absolutely amazing. The art, the ornaments and all the gold. Inspiration everywhere!

I also didnt notice the big horde of securities right in front of me, so I almost ran down the priest. He was covered in gold with his hat and gown. He just smiled, stopped in the middle of all the people and gave me a blessing. Might meen that I can finally have some better luck for 2017. Who knows!

So much inspiration for art, my brain is going in full speed!

Might have to visit another time just to collect more inspo.

The goat. One of my favorites.

Gargoyles never gets old either.

Probably spent more money on christmas ornaments and crosses then food. Oh well…


So much glitter and gold in this city….

The lobby of the hotel I was staying at

Crosses and gold

Champs-Élysées by night


Who needs a big tree? Stole this branch from the school up the street. In these dark times it’s nice with a little xmas feeling in the shop. Missing my brother Nick like crazy right now.

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