Allready miss waking up to the best powder in the world…

It was dumping allmost everyday… beeing not used to these conditions, it took me a couple of days to keep up with the guys.

But everything helps with some yoga and matcha tea in the morning.

The crew: me, Basti, Tommy, Svein, JP, Romain, Neal and Jamie.


While the boys had to work at Interstyle to represent the brand, we went on a little sightseeing tour around Yokohama. 

We saw everything from the tattoo museum and the private collection of Horioshi III to the art museum of Yokohama. Nice weather and good vibes….

The Interstyle was pretty crazy, met a lot of nice people, and it was cool to see all the Yes boards coming out next season.

The last day was spent in Tokyo for my birthday. All I wanted was some sightseeing and a good dinner. We ended up with japanese barneque with a friend of the guys.

Japan has been absolutely amazing, and allthough is good to be back in Norway, I kinda miss the japanese living.

Saw some early Sakuras blooming. I thought I would have to come back in spring to see it…

Japan, I will see you next year for some more snow and good times. Can’t wait! 



Sunny day in Japan snowboarding. Earning those first turns….

The board is a YES 420, plows through everything! Japow is some next level stuff… 


PJ showed up at the shop with this amazing gift. I have no words!! 

Custom painted guitar!

Also tattoed him. More progress on the leg sleeve we are doing.

There will be some dark background next time!

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