Haukeli, Norway

Sauda, Norway
Maui, Hawaii
Oslo, Norway
Tokyo, Japan
Berlin, Germany
Hollywood, California
Macchu Picchu, Peru
Ericeira, Portugal
Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka
New Orleans, Louisiana
Berlin, Germany
Oslo, Norway
New York, USA

Did this little freehand branch on a good friend and yoga teacher, Sheila… 

Love doing small tattoos..

Thnx for the talks, Sheila.

MAUI 2014

A photo I took in Hawaii while out paddeling with Kekoa… great day of surf, and later we saw The Beach Boys live. 


Oslo has not been my favorite place lately. The local ski resort is closing when I’m back home, and friends and customers has been making my life pretty stressfull. Yesterday I had a mental breakdown. I cried for hours. Stress, no sleep, people always wanting something from me, but will never give anything back. Work…  my body hurts, and I have to take a break before it shuts down. I’m even afraid to check my phone because I don’t want anything to do with people.

It makes me miss the easy island life… found some pictures on my laptop from 2014. When I decided to visit Mike when he still lived in Maui. 

I left my heart in Hawaii, and it’s been the only place I ever found a calmness and relaxed from the first moment I arrived. 

A trip filled with waves, coconuts, hiking, love, beaches and the best food you would ever have.

Hopefully, I will be able to go back soon. Explore… maybe retire there when I’m too old to hike those high mountains filled with snow. The surfing life is the best life.

There are so many places I wanna see, so many things I wanna explore. Travel is the only thinh that keeps me going…

Not sure where the next stop will be.. But I am sure there will be beautiful sunsets.

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