The snowboard season this year has been amazing. Japan, Tryvann,Haukeli,Røldal and Hemsedal. Thank you all for an amazing time! This pretty much sums it up:

Me andmy best friend the beginning of the season
Tryvannn in Oslo
Me and Sissel in Oslo
Hiking up the mountains in Telemark
Hakuba, Japan

JP Solberg in Japan
Tokyo bound with the crew.. Neil, JP and RDM

Marius Otterstad in Wyller

Me and my cousin Stine in Haukeli
Marius Otterstad birthday bash

NM in Pipe, Oslo
Røldal with Kaja and Henrik
The Bang slalom with Terje, Mikkel,Marius, Nicolas Müller and more

Even tho it’s actually started snowing again this morning, I’m pretty stoked to get the skate season going. But first; packing my bag for a week in Bergen… 


Haukeli, Norway

Sauda, Norway
Maui, Hawaii
Oslo, Norway
Tokyo, Japan
Berlin, Germany
Hollywood, California
Macchu Picchu, Peru
Ericeira, Portugal
Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka
New Orleans, Louisiana
Berlin, Germany
Oslo, Norway
New York, USA


This crazy guy from my hometown managed to do hid whole neck in one sitting. Trooper.

I’m usually sceptical to do pieces like this. It’s a tricky placement and there is no easy way to do it. But we made it!

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