On of my favorite artists Richey Beckett made a collaborative art project online during the lockdown. He made the base skull, and then different artists was allowed to make something out of it. This was mine. Everyone should check this guys art out. You have probably seen some of it before if you are into music.


Since the whole world is in lockdown, we decided to spend the Norwegian constitution day at my cabin. Usually the whole city is filled with drunk people celebrating. I have always wanted to go skiing, but my fear of not showing off my bunad has stopped me for years. But this year… since everything else is cancelled and I am already staying away from people, my little dream came through.

This is by the fishing water not far from my cabin. Very cold….

Espen`s bunad is from Gudbrandsdalen and mine is from Rogaland
I have never felt more Norwegian in my life….


Queen of D00M

Was supposed to be used for a band, but never happened. Too much work was put into this one to not show it… the model is my forever muse Barbara Steel


Shit some photos of the painting I did in December… very abstract. Just playing with colors… home for a week due to a surgery, hopefully some more paintings will come out if it. 


Home for the holidays, and I had this old painting I did when I was a kid. I hated it. Bought some paint today and decided to just paint over it.

Art is my weapon.

Not sure if I’m gonna do more on it. Maybe one day. Not often I do abstract work, but fun to play around with different techniques!

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