Back to Tokyo

Had to go back to Tokyo, and stayed on Shinjuku this time. Instant regret. I do like Shibuya a lot better.

But I did get to finally hang out with Moo! An amazing photograper from Tokyo I know theough the guys in Mayhem.

Did some shopping in Harajuku and Cat street, some beers, and met some new people. But I gotta say; Tokyo alone for 3 days was kinda lonely.

Shinjuku Bacon pig

Foo dog at a temple in Tokyo

Cherry blossom allready started


Finally made it back to Japan! First stop is Tokyo…

Even though I didn’t get much sleep on the plane, I managed to go and get some dinner with Trommas, a tattoo artist from Norway who also happened to be here…

Today’s breakfast was the legendary vegan ramen from Tan Tan at Tokyo Station:

The last day was spent in Tokyo for my birthday. All I wanted was some sightseeing and a good dinner. We ended up with japanese barneque with a friend of the guys.

Japan has been absolutely amazing, and allthough is good to be back in Norway, I kinda miss the japanese living.

Saw some early Sakuras blooming. I thought I would have to come back in spring to see it…

Japan, I will see you next year for some more snow and good times. Can’t wait! 


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